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of Indian population is pushed into poverty every year because of medical debt according to a study by Brookings India
of all medical expenditure in the country is spent out of pocket — the highest in the world.
of Indian population is without any life insurance coverage
Why do we recommend only Term/ Health/ Child or Retirement plans
In a world swirling with financial advice and products, it's easy to lose sight of the core purpose of insurance: risk mitigation. Insurance isn't an investment avenue or a tax-saving tool, though it may offer such ancillary benefits. At its essence, insurance is designed to protect against three primary life risks that are dying too soon, living too long, and living with morbidity.
Risk of Dying Early
Imagine the financial void left for your dependents if you're not around tomorrow. Life insurance serves as a financial safety net, ensuring your family's lifestyle remains unchanged, and long-term goals like children's education or spouse's retirement are not compromised.
Risk of Living Too Long
Retirement planning is another critical area where insurance plays a role. Annuity plans can guarantee a steady income during your retirement years, mitigating the risk of outliving your savings—a concern that's growing as life expectancy rises.
Risk of Living with Morbidity
Health insurance and critical illness plans are designed to absorb the financial shock associated with prolonged illness or medical emergencies. In a time where healthcare costs are skyrocketing, being underinsured in this aspect can derail your entire financial plan.
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