1. What is Insurance Padosi?

Insurance Padosi is a comprehensive platform that simplifies insurance, bridges knowledge gaps, and provides unbiased insurance recommendations tailored to your needs.

2. How does Insurance Padosi work?

We analyze your financial profile and insurance needs to offer personalized insurance recommendations. You can also explore our Insurance Health Report for in-depth insights.

3. Is Insurance Padosi affiliated with any insurance company?

No, we are completely independent and provide unbiased recommendations without any affiliations.

4. How do I get started with Insurance Padosi?

Just fill in your name and mobile number, answer a few (3-6) questions, and we'll provide tailored insurance recommendations.

5. Is my personal information secure with Insurance Padosi?

Yes, we prioritize data security and follow stringent privacy measures.

6. Do you charge for your services?

"For the convenience of our users, we will be introducing a nominal fee of INR 99. This helps us maintain our services at an affordable rate while ensuring a seamless experience for you."

7. What is the Insurance Health Report (IHR)?

IHR is a personalized report that provides insights into your insurance coverage and recommends improvements.

8. How often should I review my insurance health report?

Regularly review your policies when you experience major life changes, like marriage, children, or significant financial shifts or buying health insurance plans.

9. Can I purchase insurance through Insurance Padosi?

Currently we are providing Insurance Health Report however we have a plan to match your need with insurance product.

10. What types of insurance recommendation can I find on Insurance Padosi/Insurance Health Report?

We offer IHR for a wide range of insurance categories, including life, health, pension, child & ailment-related products.

11. Do you offer insurance for businesses or only individuals?

We provide insurance solutions for individuals. The business can use IHR for their customers.

12. How do you ensure unbiased insurance recommendations?

Our algorithms consider your unique needs without favoring any specific insurance provider.

13. Can I use Insurance Padosi if I already have insurance?

Absolutely, we can help you optimize your existing coverage.

14. Can I trust Insurance Padosi's recommendations?

Yes, our recommendations are based solely on your needs and are free from any external influences.

15. What if I disagree with your insurance recommendation?

You are free to make your own choices; our recommendations are meant to guide you.

16. How can i delete my data with insurance padosi?

Please write a mail to customersupprt@insurancepadosi.in and we will delete data in 7 days.

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